Working from studios in Texas and New Mexico, Candyce Garrett has a preferred focus on sculptures that are expansive and vast, just like the areas she draws her inspiration from. These gigantic works mean many different things to many different people, which may be why they have such universal appeal. Her art is featured from California to Washington DC; Japan to Switzerland in homes, corporate offices, museums and various diverse public venues. She has permanent monumental installments at the Tyler and Taos Museums of Art, The Whitehead Memorial Museum, the Sane Fe Farmer’s Market and Botanical Gardens, Tulsa’s Performing Arts Building, The San Antonio Spurs Forum and the Tohoku Tsunami Memorial. See more about Garrett’s works here.

the artist

Candyce Garrett is a maverick… a visionary…and a dreamer…and the world’s preeminent female, monumental granite sculptor. With ranching in her family and creativity in her blood, she prefers the desert southwest as her backdrop. With her feet firmly planted in the dry, dusty New Mexico soil, her mind soars as she conceives the kind of abstract and figurative art that allows people to “feel” and interpret within their own parameters. Her works evolve, becoming something more with age. Each time you gaze upon a piece, you see something new…something different…something that excites you like the first time. The sculptures have profound depth and intensity – much like their creator.

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the inspiration

It’s not just the rustic, expansive granduer of the desert southwest that inspires works like HEART AND SOUL, REPLENISHING THE EARTH, EMERGENCE, and XO – nor is it just the creative energy permeating from an artist colony like Taos, New Mexico – special people in Candyce Garrett’s life have contributed to all that is her. Jesús Moroles, Luis Jiménez, and Emily Benoist Ruffin have all had impact on Candyce’s life and art…though each for different reasons and during different seasons of her life. One was a teacher, one was a critic, and one was a prominent goldsmith who helped Candyce understand the hardness of gemstones with which she works. Candyce took away something from each of them and it all culminates, ferments and is reborn in what she creates today.

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the outcome

Candyce Garrett’s art can be found everywhere. From a small square in Taos’ shopping district, and at the entrance to the San Antonio Spurs Forum, to prestigious homes and businesses throughout the United States – from California to Washington, DC, New York to Texas. You’ll see it above the doors of Ralph Lauren’s stores in Barbados, Sydney, Australia and Gustad, Switzerland and in the Santa Fe Botanical Gardens. From private art collectors – to city municipalities seeking public art – to everyday people who are touched by the message that her pieces evoke…Candyce Garrett’s sculptures reach and speak to the masses.

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"Where the material ends - art begins." - Etienne Hajdu

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